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101 dalmations toy
i'm trying to find 101 dalmations toy i had when i was younger. i beleive there were 3 small dalmations with plastic coming out the side of them and as they are put on the toy itself which was like a slide with steps. they would be "pushed" up the stairs by these bits of plastic and when they got to the top they would roll down and repeat the process. do you know if its available anywhere or if it can be purchased from anywhere? many thanks in advance.
14 inch elmo made in 2005 by Gund
I am looking for a 14 inch elmo made by Gund. The # on his tag is 43700 and says 2005. He has different fur than most Elmo's. It is almost like a long yarn terry cloth and isn't bright red like most. It's more of a muted red. My son loves him but broke the plastic eyes. He was bought at JCPenney about a year ago. Please help.
1948 musical teddy bear
I have a musical bear that played Lullabye by inserting a wind up key that was given to me when I was 1 year old by my grandmother - I was borned in 1948 - do you know anything about this bear and what his worth is?
1950s-60s Toy Styrofoam Sailboat
My dad won a large toy styrofoam sailboat as a prize during the 1950s-60s, and I'm trying to surprise him with one for his birthday this year. I can't find one anywhere--not even on eBay. Can you help me please?
1960's Childrens Game
Where can I find a Pig in the Garden game? Thanx Doc!
1960's crayon melting toy
Do you know the name of a crayon melting toy from the 60's? It was much like a wood-burning tool, but instead of a burning point, there was a little (maybe 1" x 1/2")metal tray that heated. On the top of the handle there was a thin metal holder for a single crayon. After inserting the crayon, you pressed the crayon against the heated tray. The tray melted the crayon, the wax flowed off the end of the tray and onto a piece of cardboard that was outlined with a design. To change colors, you just changed the crayon. The melter came with preprinted pictures, but you could do your own pictures too. I would really like to find this toy, but I (and my siblings) cannot remember what it was called. Thanks for any assistance!
1960's wooden building blocks
Do you have any idea if the paint or stain on the blocks is safe for the baby to play with?
1966 deluxe reading corp monkey
I found a black plastic monkey while cleaning out my parents garage. He is about 4.5" long and has 1966 deluxe reading corp on his belly. His arms are raised above his head and his tail ends in a curl. Any idea what I have? Thanks.
1971 Plush Mickey Mouse Toy
I have a plush mickey mouse toy with no hands from the first year(1971) that Disney World first opened. How much is he worth?
1978 Gabriel CBS Toys
I've got two rubber type toys that remind me of elmo one is blue and one is orange. When searching for them, I can't seem to find any information about them. The bottoms of the figures say 1978 Gabriel CBS toys Elmwood Park NJ. Is there a good web site to do a toy search on?
1980's plush dog with rainbow on stomach!
I have a stuffed animal that I received as a gift when I was born which was in 1985. He is in a sort of sitting position like most stuffed animals and has long floppy ears like a rabbit, but looks like a dog. He had a rainbow patch on his stomach but mine has been chewed up by animals a few times so my Mother had to replace it with a heart patch. I slept with him every single night and called him "Puppy". I always liked the feel of his ears and was constantly rubbing them. I rubbed his ears so much that he doesn't have ears left. He has glass black eyes and a oval nose. This stuffed animal means a lot to me and I would love to find another one so I could have for my daughter now who is 19 months old. Help! I am desperately trying to find another "Puppy" Thank you, Melissa
1980's toy gun that shot plastic disks
During 1980's had a plastic gun that had a "magazine" that extended downward from the barrel that held penny sized plastic disks that you inserted at the top of the magazine. When you pulled the trigger it obviously shot the disks until the magazine ran out. Believe the disks had holes in the middle. Can't find the name of or maker of these guns.
70's toy robot
I am trying to find the name of the robot,in the 70's.I dont have a clear picture,but it was grey square,blockish type body and it had a screen type thing on its stomach,for something,i was only 8ish and i just want to see it again.Tahnks
70's twinkle tunes train
I am looking for a "twinkle tunes" train from the '70s that had metal tracks that you arranged to play a tune when the train went over them. The train had a little mallet on it that would hit the slats on the track to play what was arranged. Any info on this is appreciated. Thank you!
80's stuffed monster
in the 80's i had a monster stuffed toy, it was about 15 inches tall and when you squeezed it his tounge would roll out and make a noise. do you know what it was, or was called?
80's/90's monster dolls
Im finding it really hard to find out about a toys I remember when I was a kid. I think it was essentially a soft doll but possibily hard hard facial bits. The key feature of the toy was that you could turn the face(or whole body maybe) inside out to change it from being nice to evil looking. Please help me Doctor, what am I looking for?
acrobatic swinging clown
I was in Hungary a few years ago at this big market and purchased this wooden toy that basically has 2 wooden dowls about 12 in. and a 3 in. dowl attached between the 2 dowls towards the bottom. at the top is a wooden clown looking figure attached with string. the figure is jointed and when you squeez the bottom of the dowls the clow will do flips and when you release the dowls the clown swings back into place between the dowls. My dog aet it the other day and I want to purchase another one if possible. I may have paid $5.00 for the toy. Do you know the name of this type of toy and can you get one? I have 2 little girls and we played with this daily. Thanks
action figure doll
I'm trying to find a name for this doll that I have and know one can tell me. He is light blue, with pointed ears and his brains are showing. He's the same size as the 1964 GI Joe. Was made by Ideal toys, has a date of 1966 on his back and side of his head with the ideal logo and then a # H-112. I have a picture but I don't know how to attach it to this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Earnie
activity/learning doll approx.1979
looking for the name of a fabric boy activity doll fromm approx 1979. blue and white checkered material for the base of the doll. leaning features such as buttons and snaps. thought his name was Charlie - Charly - Charley? approx 14". Cannot locate anywhere. Can you help? Thanks, Pat
addition to previos question I asked "horse statue seen in the movie The Black Stallion"
I'm looking for the arabic stallion statue that was portrayed throughout the 1979 movie "The Black Stallion", If you go to and see the 5th picture (2nd row, 3rd picture) of the statue on the rock, that is the horse statue I'm trying to find. I'm not sure if you can help me or not, but any help will be appreciated. Thanks
air powered stunt cycles
my brother and I had STP air powered stunt cycles when I was a kid, was looking all over internet and can't find them any where can you help me Jim
AIRPLANE - u-fly-it instructor pilot set no. 706
My husband's parents just "regave" us this toy from his youth. It was made by Schaper Manufacturing probably in 1970. It has an 8-inch scale model Piper Cherokee airplane that "flies" on a glide line, but you launch and direct it using the controls. We would like to know what it would be worth today and I've found nothing online. Have you ever heard of it?
AIRPLANE - u-fly-it instructor pilot set no. 706
My husband's parents just "regave" us this toy from his youth. It was made by Schaper Manufacturing probably in 1970. It has an 8-inch scale model Piper Cherokee airplane that "flies" on a glide line, but you launch and direct it using the controls. We would like to know what it would be worth today and I've found nothing online. Have you ever heard of it?
Airplane Simulator
In the late 1950s/early 1960s, my parents gave me a laptop sized, battery powered, airplane toy, which had rotating/revolving landscape that was lit up and the child had a control yoke to hold on to, giving the impression that you were flying. What was it?
alamo set
we have a davey crocket at the alamo set from the mid 50's all pieces still in the box. would this be worth anything at this time
Animated view projector toy with crank
As a child in the early to middle 70s I had a toy in which I do not remember the maker of this toy or its name. It is best described as a one handle hand held view projector in which you look into a single lense and takes a removable cartridge containing a miniature reel. Its shape was somewhat in the form of the letter "T". There was a handle on the bottom of the projector and a crank on the right side of the toy in which you would spin clockwise to make the animation play as you look inside of the view lense. One particular film that I remember this toy playing is a Mickey mouse cartoon with ghosts, a haunted house and the house being flooded with water as mickey mouse made his escape on the broken door of the room. This was such an awesome toy to have been made in that period of time with real moving animation and manual activation (no batteries required). I have done many searches online and have not been able to find anything at all similar. Can you please help? I would love to see this amazing toy again and possibly purchase.
antique toy train from west germany and what its worth train sets
i have a dicast toy train from west germany very old wondering how much its worth.dicast old toy train from germany wondering how much its worth
arabian horse statue made by Breyer Animal Creations
there was an arabian horse statue portrayed in the moive "The Black Stallion". I do know that it was made by Breyer Animal Creations in the late 1970's, but am unable to locate it on their website. Do you know where I can find this statue to purchase?
baby bottle holder
I'm looking for a terry cloth dog w/molded plastic ears that had a snap loop in his back to hold a baby bottle. Circa late 1950's. Any ideas?
baby doll - Dr. Denton
baby doll from the 80's, hard face, soft body,blonde pig tails pink dr. denton sleeper
Baby doll from late 1980s - early 1990s
I am trying to find out any information on some baby dolls that I used to have. They would come in a neutral outfit and you would get this packet that you would have to put in water to reveal if the baby was a boy or a girl. I remember getting one for Christmas one year that was twins and I was able to send off for the other baby. Does anyone remember this? Thanks - Rachel
Baby doll
Looking for my daughter's favorite doll would be mid 1970's had short blond hair and a body like suit that was pink and white.
baby doll
What is the name of the babby doll in the early to mid 80's that was stuffed and had sewn on pink pj's with a butt flap on the back that opened,she also had yellow molded to her head hair?
Baby toy - rattle
so I remember a rattle that absolutely fascinated me in the 70's. I see it illustrated in old early childhood education books like the action curriculum by addison-wesley but can't find out who the manufacturer was. The rattle was basically clear with a tube that looked like a baber pole that sank down the middle. The beads were blue and "disappeared" down the pole when tilted corretly. Was this toy recalled, or have there been any other safety hazards associated with it?
Barbie fashion stencil
I'm trying to track down the name of a toy that I loved as a child. This was in the 80s. I had a kit designed to help you trace, color, and design outfits for Barbie. There were four blank body poses in purple plastic that you traced and then sheets with outfits and heads that you traced over the body outline to create your Barbie picture to color. I can't seem to find the exact kit I had as a child and it still bugs me. The blank bodies stencils are what I remember distinctly and nothing that I've run across online has them. Any ideas?
Barn by Hasbro? that opens and closes
Does anyone know where I could get a barn that was made in early 90's. I had one for my son and it came with a farmer, horse, pig and rooster. I got broken and I'd love to find a replacement.
I'm trying to locate a battery operated (lime) green lamb? My daughter used her game tickets from Mr. Gatti's Pizza to purchase the lamb between 2002 & 2004. My daughter is greatly saddened that she donated it and I would love to find another for her.
battery powered toys
Where can i find a price guide for Schaper Stompers?
Beanie Baby Cookie-dob 4-5-95
She is dressed in gold and white,sequined bodice,white w/gold running down it-lace,overskirt w/puff sleeves,cloth crown of gold sequins and rick-rack,gold flower at waist,gold cloth shoes, has tag. How much is she worth and is there a demand for her?
Beanie Baby Jammer-dob7-9-92
Dressed in baseball uniform,w/soft bat,hat and shoes,has tag. How much is he worth and how much demand is there for him?
Beany kids-baby 2000-tumbles dob-9/3/1996
He is dressed as doctor in green scrubs w/stethescope,face mask and booties, tag in plastic cover. How much is he worth and is there any demand for him?
I am looking for a "Biffy the Bear" it is a stuffed bear, with a pull string that says things.... Any ideas? Thanks
Berchet Baby Driver 3 Trike
Hi I purchased one of these about 3 years ago for my daughter. I now have a son and I would like him to use it, unfortunately the safety harness has a problem and I need to get it fixed but it doesn't come off the seat. I wondered if they had a customer service/spare part office so I can purchase another seat. Thanks for your help.Morag
Big Bird Plush
I am trying to find a big bird plush from the 1970's with vinyl/plastic legs. Besides ebay, where else might I have some luck?
Big Fish Little Fish Card game
I lost the directions, can you help me?
When or how old are ABC block?
Blue Amphibian Troll Doll
In the early 1960s I had a few Dam troll dolls, but I also had a blue troll doll that had a fish type face and had white hair. It was a tiny bit taller than the regular trolls. I'm trying to locate one of these blue dolls.
blue stuffed animal with swirling eyes
When I was young, in the 1960's, I had a blue toy that you squeezed the tummy and his eyes swirled around. I can't find it anywhere?
Board Game - CheckOUT by Texas Intruments
I'm looking for a board game that we had in the 80s. It was called CheckOut by Texas Instruments. You could be characters like Dave the Diver and Ned the Nibbler and you had a calorie goal. You'd shop in the food groups and fill your menu cards. It came with a calculator... It was the greatest game! Has anyone ever seen this for sale? I can't even find an image of it on google.
Board Game - Monopoly
How much would my 1954 Monopoly game be worth today? It has all the original pieces, however there is some damage to the box lid.
Board Game- Operation-
Where can I find a replacement bulb for this game?
board game
do you have the rules for chad valley link letters
board game
Growing up in the early 1970s, I remember a board game of some kind in which players put on big plastic purple thumbs for some reason I cannot recall. I remember as a kid "biting my nails" on these things! What was it?
In the early 90's there was a board game in which you had to climb this plastic mountain with little rock climbers. If you landed on a certain space a tasmanian devil like thing would come spinning out and knock off some of the pieces. What was the name of this game? I can't remember.
Board Game
In the late 80's early 90's, I played a board game that had little plastic train pieces that were different colors (boxcar, etc.). I don't remember what they were used for. There was also a gray space on the board, "roll", so I guess the person would roll again. I'm sorry for the lack of detail, but I can't remember what it is.
My mother held home toy parties in the 1960's-70's in Northeast Texas (sort of like Tupperware parties) and she thinks the name of the company was Playhouse Toys. Do you have any information about this company and/or the toys that were offered? b
My younger brother had a stuffed dog dressed in a train conductor outfit that was made by Brio when he was younger. He was born in 1984. He lost his precious friend on a family vacation. My mom and I have been searching for years for this stuffed dog (we called him "Choo-Choo Puppy") and have had no success. Any ideas as to where I might locate one?
My brother had a plastic bear on wheels, he shot at it with a toy gun it would roar and turn. Do you know the name of it?
Building Blocks
Our church has a set of Brik Building Blocks and we are trying to aquire some more. I am aware that the Brik Toy Company has gone out of business, but is there anywhere that we can get the large plastic building blocks to go along with the Brik set we already have?
My mother stood in line in the made Christmas rush around 1982 and purchased Shannon Diane. She still has her adoption papers and a variety of clothes. Approximately how much is she worth now?
cap gun
looking for the brand of cap gun with a bull logo on it
Car Launching Helicopter From The Mid 80's
I used to have a helicopter in the mid 80's that launched Hot Wheels sized cars from arms that extended out the sides of the main body. I believe it also had a trigger towards the back to make the rotor blade turn and storage for extra cars in the main body. It was probably a little over a foot long and was black and white. I actually have a tiny picture of it cropped from a larger picture taken of my bedroom back then. Here is the link Thanks in advance!
Care Bear
I had a care bear when I was a baby that was pink and had a rattle in one paw and a squeaker in the other. There was a mirror on the tummy and the nose clicked which moved the eyes. I would like to if these care bears had a certain name and/or where I could buy one now. Thanks so much.
CATERPILLAR - Giant, stuffed
Desperately searching for a giant stuffed caterpillar. About 4 feet long, black tail, bottom & head (red antennae). Red, purple & pink stripes. Originally sold at Walmart for Valentine's day between 2004 & 2007. (I think it was 2006). 4 yo nephew loaned it to my 3 yr old daughter for the last year, it became her bedtime lovey, now he wants it back. They're taking turns on who gets it, & who's crying for it. :( PLEASE HELP!
Charlie weaver bar toy
How does the "smoke comming out his ears" work and how could one fix it?
Chiki "another amazing eegee doll"
We know this composition doll was made by the Eugene Goldberger Doll company. The beautiful Chiki we have is 17 1/2 inches tall with tin sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth. If your records go back that far could you tell us what years this doll would have been manufactured? Thank you.
Christmas 1960 era gold plastic reindeer 8 1/4" high Breyer Molding Co. Chicago Il USA
I am looking to add two reindeer to my six. Where can I look for this item?
Circa 1959-1962 stuffed elephant possibly FAO Schwarz
Who made a stuffed elephant named Lucky Lucius with a butterfly on his upturned trunk and a pink corduroy saddle?
circa 1960 small train track and landscape that vibrated and made the train go forward. This was powered by batteries and they made the whole landscape train set vibrate and the vibration made the train and the cars go forward. The train didn't have wheels, but had a brush like thing on the bottom with the bristles pointing down and back a little. When the set would vibrate the train would go forward. It was cool and I enjoyed playing with it.
Does anybody know who made this and the name of this train toy? Thank You
Clown-Eden Toys, blue and white stripes
I'm looking for a Clown from Eden Toys, with blue and white striped costume and green and yellow hat, here's a picture of how the doll looks like: . Please, help us if you know where I can get a new one! The old clown is trash...Thanks!
commonwealth stuffed duck pillow
i am looking for a stuffed yellow duck or white lamb pillow that was made by the commonwealth toy company. the duck pillow was purchased in 2007 at a winn-dixie store but they no longer carry the item. my one year old is heart broken because his was destroyed by the washing machine. can you please help me find one.
I read on your site (April 2007 questions) that some is looking for the same toy, however, I could not see your reply. So I'll ask the same question in hopes that you know the name of this toy and where to locat it: I'm trying to locate to purchase a toy/game from approximately 1979-1981. The item as I recall it is a 7-9\\" figure of a cowboy that stood erect on top of a plastic boxstand. The figure came with a toy pistol so that a child could quickdraw against the action figure. The figure had a lens on his chest and the "six shooter" for the player, would shoot a beam of light (like a flash bulb) at the cowboy. If the cowboy won the quickdraw he would state something like "got 'ya", if the child made the shot first the figure would collapse on top of the stand (wire joints). The game could then be reset causing the figure to stand erect for another round of gunfighting. I have fond memories of this game from childhood and would like to find one (or two)to purchase. I can't recall the actual name of the figure/game or the maker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You My brother had this toy around 1977-1982
Creative Playthings handheld crank music box
I am trying to find out about a handheld music box my parents bought in the 1970's. It's brown, plastic, with a metal handle that has a red bead on the end. It has a square top with see through plastic on the front so you can watch the cylinder move while you turn the crank.
dakin stuffed horse
My son had a stuffed Dakin beanie horse that was about 12 inches long. The name on his tag was patrick. He was light brown with a a dark brown mane and tail. We lost him and would like to replace him. Thanks
DanDee Collectors Choice Bear
Can you tell me how to find another one to replace an old one?
I am trying to mend a broken 1989 Dankin musical lamb and its head moved, the music box mechanism is broken and I wondered if you could point me in the direction of purchasing a new one or a toy part similar. Where can you buy mechanisms for such toys?
where can I get to buy adult barbie collectibles at the trade price to sell on please. We have been trying for a long time to find dolls to buy at the trade price. Please could you point us into the right direction or company who does this. Many thanks for your help and cooperation. Sparkles Emporium
where if possible could i get the doll teary deary or i think ists also called baby tenderlove
Deluxe Beauty Parlor by Deluxe Reading Corporation
I have the entire collection of beauty chair, hair dryer, 25" doll, manicure set and beauty accessories. Is there any value to this?
Dinasaur Toy - battery operated
In the late 1970's - early 1980'2, I had an 8 legged dinosaur ( similar to a triceratops...except with more legs)...that ran on batteries. It was part of a G.I. Joe-type toy line. The figure had a tiny light on it's vest and when that light beam hit the dinosaur, it would stop crawling. Do you know the name of the toy line and the name of that dinosaur? Thank You.
Disney baby toy that plays music and projects image on ceiling
My brother had a disney mickey mouse toy that played music while projecting images of baby mickey and friends up to the ceiling. Can you tell me the name of it?
Disneyland play set
I have a Disneyland play set my mom purchased in the late 50s early 60s there is a plastic mat that you lay down that is the layout of disnyland with 23 plastic structures the dumbo ride the jungle ride. it may be made by marx I have most of the set and i would like to find more pieces can you help? who made it I have the origional instructions on it
Dog, Hard Plastic (on wheels?) Early-Mid 60's
I am trying to find out some info on a favorite toy. It was a long, low, chunky rust colored hard-plastic dog. Kind of a basset hound looking dog, but a squared off face - the snout on the dog was white. I don't really think it was a pull toy, although it may have moved. It had a mouth that kind of flapped open (like a squared off plastic flap dropped down) and I think it was supposed to catch a ball when it's mouth opened, but I'm not sure. I was born in 61 and probably was 3 or 4 when I had this toy.
Doll - 9 " newborn thumbelina by ideal wiggles when u pull her string.
was there one made with red hair?
Doll - Plastic - 1950's
I have a set of plastic dolls that rattle one is a boy dressed in blue cloths and a girl her cloths is red, they are around fifty years old and they came in a box.
Doll - Polly Pigtails.
For Christmas 1952, I received a soft body doll with a mask type face and black hair. She is dressed in yellow pajamas which have a print of a cute little girl and the words 'Polly Pigtails' randomly placed. The feet of the doll are actually made of the same print cloth. I have tried to find a mark to no avail. Do you have any idea of the manufacturer?
DOLL Baby Secret
How much is it worth
Doll Deluxe Reading Corporation 1965
I purchased a doll at an auction and I was looking for more information on the doll and it's value. On her back, it says CAT NO 1813 D.L.R. CORP. 1965 Made by Deluxe Reading Corp Elizabethport, New Jersey U.S. of America Pat applied for She has a battery compartment and speaker holes in her abdomen and a metal button in the middle of her chest. On the back of her head it says 124 Deluxe Reading Corp 1965
doll from 1975...I think she was called Serinella
I had a doll in1978 or so called Serinella.She was dressed in pink,knitted three piece outfit.When you threw her in the air,she laughed.I would like to replace her but i can't find any info anywhere.Thank you
doll- i can't remember her name.
I has this doll in the mid 1990's. She was blonde and had a 2 piece outfit which i think was pink. stickers came out of her and paper clips came out of her back. there is more, but i forgot what else she dispensed. I am looking to find another for my little sister, but i can't remember her name. Can you help me out?
Doll set
I have a Suzy Q doll set from the late 50's early 60's that has a little doll& lots of clothes & crib,swing set,high chair and I can't find anything about this set anywhere, can you help.Thanks Lana
doll that crys, laughs , sleeps etc
It has a tag on it "1998 dsi Toys Inc. I can't find out any information about this doll. ccan you help me. i bought it at a second hand store for my grand daughter. thanks, Grammy Jones"
doll with dissolving diaper
During the 1980's, a doll was advertised that had a dissolving diaper. You didn't know the sex of the baby until you put the diaper in water, and when it dissolved you had a birth certificate telling you info about the baby. I don;t remember the name of the doll. Could you please help?
I am looking for a clown dol from around 1971 or 1972. It is red and blue with white dote i think and has a windup nose. There was a bean bag toss game that matched it but I am just looking for the doll. Do you know who made this doll?
Im looking for a doll that I had back in the 80's. You could tie its shoe, zipe its jacket, and I think it had buttons.
when i was kid back in the 90's i dont rememeber what year but i had this it was like creepy crawlers but it was for girls and you use that goop stuff and you made doll (they were like rubberly )
where could I purchase a Busy Becky doll from the 1970's
there was a dollhouse in the 60's. it had very fancy furniture, french i think do you know what it was called or where i can find it. i remenber i couldn't afford it. it very elegant.
I have a tin "Dolly Washer" washing machine which appears to be rather old and would like to know price, manufacturer, etc.
donald duck musical pop-up
I would like to purchase a donald duck, or any other character, musical pop-up. they were manufactured by Ideal toy corp during the 60's and 70's. How can I find one?
drawing toy from the eighties
in the eighties i had this monster creator drawing toy where you had the three different segments of a monster body (head, torso, and legs) and they were all interchangeable and then you could put a piece of paper over it, rub it with a crayon, and youd have your monster character transferred to paper for coloring. do you remember the name of it? thanks alot
Mid 70's I was given a small drawing toy. It worked by pressing your finger to the surface and moving it around. Your finger would trace an outline and you would create psychedelic pattern. Do you have any recollection of this toy?
Duckling Novelty
In the 50's, at Easter time we used to be able to buy, what appeared to be real baby ducklings, stuffed. Please settle a discussion. I know I'm not imagining this.
early 1970s game/toy
I'm trying to find the name/picture of a game/toy I played with in the early 1970s. It was a game and the object was to jump over a rotating plastic arm within a certain period of time. The base was plastic and about 12 inches in the diameter. Does this sound familiar/
eden musical plush yellow pig vintage. sings 'to market, to market'
how can i find another one, or more info about mine
Eden Toy company "My First Puppy"
Looking for this white stuffed dog with a blue hat made around late 1980's by the Eden Toy company. Named "My First Puppy". Thank you! Joni
What were the names of the first 7 kits in the Add-Venture. Series made by General Electric (USA) in the early 1960s? I had kit #8 in 1963, and it was called Lite-Writer. This seems to be the only one of these kits that is listed on the auction sites. They were called Add-Venture Kits because the kits could be snapped (or added) together. I know there were 8 of these kits because on the box. it says "Collect all 8 kits!"
Electronic question answer game 1964 (or so)
I am trying to find my favorite toy from my past. It was an electronic answer game with cards that would be inserted for different subjects. There was a head at the top of the game - I called him Mr. Mentor, but i don't believe that was right. I would love to know the name of the toy.
England lion - mascot 1966
I have a england lion mascot dated back from the 1966 england vs Germany football game, could you tell me how much it is worth? thank you
Fashion doll -- not Barbie or her friends
When I was little (late 70s) I got my first fashio doll for Christmas. She is long gone, but I would like to find a duplicate. She was not Barbie, I know because she would not fit in the Barbie clothes I got later in childhood, she was taller than Barbie. I believe her name was Dallas. I cannot find her anywhere on the internet in searches or on e-bay. Can you help? Thanks!
In the early 80's I had two vinyl fashion dolls, they had the body of a woman, but one had the head of a hippo and one had the head of a horse. They also had hair somewhat like Barbies and clothes and high heels, the works. I can't remember what these were called, and I am begining to think perhaps I am crazy because nobody else remembers them..can you help?!
I have a green rubber man called suckerman from the late 60's.He's about 10'' you would throw him against a hard smooth surface and he would stick.Any idea of his value.
Do you have a picture of the vintage Ideal toy fireboat C 1960 Firefighter
Flintstones Vintage AMF Ride-On Car
I am trying to find out what year my AMF Flintstones ride on car is from. You push with your feet (no pedals), but the front wheels turn with the steering wheel. Thank you!
Flying toy-Whamo?
Hi! My mom keeps talking about this favorite toy she had in the early to mis 1960's. She thinks it was made by Whamo toys. She describes it as a plastic cylinder that looked like a can with both ends taken off and it actually flew. Just hoping you might know! Thanks, A.B.
Free standing steam Motor Marked "Made in Japan Louis Marx & Co, INC.
Sits on red metal frame with fire box below a stream container, there is a adjustable spring relief valve and another handled valve on top, a copper line that goes to a piston that drives a larger wheel on the other side that probably had a belt that drove something. It appears to be a childs toy, what was it used for?
Frog toy
In college 1980's we had this toy frog that had inflatable legs would jump when inflated with a pump. It was inexpensive, but it would make us laugh. Any idea where I could find one?
Just want to know the name of the game where you jumped over a revolving plastic stick (maybe 16" long) that was attached to a round plastic base. If the stick touched your foot, it may have buzzed. PLEASE HELP IT'S DRIVING ME BONKERS! THANKS.
game, with a chicken and eggs
do you know of a game in late 1970s, has a chicken in the middle that runs on a track i a circle,if you win the eggs would drop out of the bottom into each players area some eggs were yellow some white.please help all i have left is the chicken and a few eggs. kim
I have no idea what this is...all I know it's from late 80's - early 90's, it's blue, and you put different colored balls in it to win.
glass toy gun
I have a glass toy pistol from mid 1920's that was filled with you have any info on these
Globe Racer child's toy ride wagon
A history (information regarding) of this toy's manufacturer, please.
What was the first plastic glow in the dark toy? I am creating a timeline of "first plastic objects" and I would like to include this. Thanks so much!
golden shot game by palitoy ltd parker games division
we have a mint condition golden shot game 1975 boxed with a book of unused targets. please can you give me a valuation of what you think its worth. thanks
Gravity Toy
I am looking for a toy from the 80's. The toy was featured in The movie "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" (2007) and the TV show "Family Guy". This is a toy you can hold in your hand and it has a disc between two bars that go up and down due to gravity. In the movie "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" it was called the magical toy. A little boy pick it up and everything returned to colour.
Green toy treehouse
I am looking for the green treehouse which origanally was manufactured in the 1980's. I am not sure if it was the Weebles treehouse,you pushed the lid and it would pop up with roooms inside and a slide going from the top to the bottom. It stood approximately 12 inches in hieght and the top was circular. ANy information in regards to the make would be much appreciated.
hand puppet - Bonnie Braids
I received my baby hand puppet in 1950. The rubber head, hands and legs are beginning to feel gummy. What can I do to preserve it? Thank you
helicopter toy from the 60's that flies in circles
I had a helicopter toy in the 60's. It was a helicopter that was attached to a rod and the rod was attached to a base that sat on the floor.It flew around in circles and had a hook under it where you could pick things up. It was controlled by a two lever device.(similar to a remote)I cant remember who made this or what it was called, but I had hours of fun with it. Do you remember this toy? I would love to find one for my grandsons. flew around in circles
hide 'n' seek
looking for a toy that, when hidden, makes some kind of noise so toddlers can learn to play hide and seek
Historical sand toys-Dancer
I built a mechanical sand toy dancer from an article in a book. Lost the article and can no longer find the book. Would you know where i might find plans to build a sand toy for my graddaughter? Thanks Joe
hook and ladder fire truck
Where can I find information on Long John hook and ladder made by remco industries inc.about 1966?
How to make toy?
can you give me a good scienctific toy idea ? DR .TOY
hump back rabbit teddy bear
I found an old stuffed rabbit...21 inches with a big hump on his back...he has black utton nose with stitched nose and mouth. The ears have wire in them so they can bend. The bottom portion of rabbit seems to have straw shavings? in it...the paws are felt. There is an old handsewn embroidered dress on this and a key tied around the rabbits neck. This rabbit is fully jointed. Any idea who might have made this?
ideal doll with ideal on neck inside head under ideal is TP and is underlined
What is it is she a shirley temple? composition head, arms,& legs. cloth body. flirtygreen eyes possibly tin eyes, two top teeth, felt tongue red, teeth glued on bottom in felt and too low barely visible ideal on her neck is inside a diamondshape
Ideal Toy Plastic Le France Tow Truck
I Have An Old Grey Plastic I Belive It's A Le France Tow Truck, Has Ideal Toy On The Wheel And I Was Wondering If Anybody Could Give Me Any Details On It. Believe It's From 1940's Era. Thank You
Jellycat Percy Pickles pup
I am looking for a small (approx 31cm) percy pickles pup, anyone help?
jigger tin toy
Do you know anything about the Chim Toy Company of Canada?
Karosel Kitchen by Sears
I have the karosel kitchen, but would like to find another to replace missing parts. I have found one on e-bay, but it has dial turners, and the one I have is press button. Any ideas? Thank you very much. Joan
Ko HeavyWeight Boxing Game manufactured by Tommy, Parker Games Division
Late 70s Boxed, Good condition. Please could you give me a valuation on what you think it is worth.
kuddles 1966 knickerbocker tawain
what is value in good condition ?
lead bunny chocolate mold
this lead bunny chocolate mold has 4 slots = any idea what it is worth
Male Ventriloquist doll
I have a male doll red plastic pants,felt brownish jacket with AA on the pocket, and bow tie. Black shoes . He looks kind of old too, Do you have any info on who made this doll or a name of the doll? Thank you for your time
I am looking for a toy marionette that I had as a child in the early 1980's. It was an old woman with a gray bun. Her face was rubber. It became all tangled together and my parents got rid of it. Now I want it back! Thanks!
Markers Shaped Like a Mouse (The Animal, Not Computer Device)
In the early 80's, my mother bought me a set of two markers for christmas. They were two short, fat markers shaped like mice. The tail was yarn, the "body" was the grip, and the "head" was the cap. They came in blue and a fuschia/pink. I have no idea what they're called and google and ebay searches are yielding nothing. Does anyone else remember these, or am I making this memory up?! I would also like to know where I can buy a few now.
mars attacks toy
Hi I have a Martian ambassador toy from mars attacks. He's a 10 inch figure. One day he stopped talking. I changed the batteries and still nothing. All he does is make the sound of the motor that is inside of him. Is there something I can do for him so he will speak again? I really miss him (talking that is). Please let me know. Thank You.
Martian Plush
I had a plush martian doll from the early to mid-80s. He was either green or purple, & his outfit was the other color. His face was rubber & he had rubber antenae. He may have been on a cartoon around that time (not Marvin the Martian). I have been searching for the name of this doll & can't find a thing. I would really like to replace this long lost toy. Can you help?
Matchbox® Programmable Block Truck
Where can I find a missing block to the Matchbox® Programmable Block Truck
mattle tin toy race car
I Have A Mattle Tin Toy Race Car Which Is Gold In Color, 12"long,5"Wide And 3" High. It Has 3 Emblems On The Car, A Round #72 On The Hood And Mobile Oil Stickers On Each Side Of The Car. No ID Numbers On The Car But On The Rubber Tires Is Stamped Mattle. Any Idea's On The Age Of This Car?
Mech styled toy from the early 1990's
I am trying to figure out the name to a toy I used to have in the early 1990's. It was a robot that stood between 8"-12" in height and had a smaller "G.I. Joeish" figure that would sit in the head, like a pilot. The robot mech was black in color with some green camo paint for effect. On either of its shoulders it had a missle pod that held 6 missiles (only the robots left side would fire though...the right shoulder was just effect). Here was the gimmick for the toy, if you hit a button on it, the head would pop off to demonstrate battle damage or eject. The button was located on the lower torso of the robot and I believe was designed to function if hit from a missile from an opposing robot. Any help in finding the name of this toy, or at least the manufacturer would be greatly appreciated.
Mechanical Roll-Along Dog Toy
Around 1975, my children had a favorite toy, a little dog with a top hat. He would roll forward, the ears would flap up and down, he'd spin around like crazy, eliciting peals of laughter from the kids. I think you lifted his hat to get him into his routine. He did not run on batteries. He was made of hard plastic. Maybe a Playskool toy? Can anyone remember this funny little guy? I'd like to search for one. Thanks so much.
Mickey Mouse Board Game
I own a Mickey Mouse borad game in excellent condition emtitled ALL THE FUN AT THE FAIR, manufactured by Arrow Games,Ltd under licence from Milton Bradley in England in 1975 and woulk to like know if it has any value as memoribilia whatsoever on the collector's scene? God Bless
Micro Machine Private Eyes
Where can we get info about where to buy these toys? We want the ones that have a magnifying lens in the roof.
Micro Machines Scale Minatures - Opens out into Car playset
Where can i buy Micro Machines Scale Minatures from? Manufacturer 1998 Galoob Toys. Product number 3428QX4? I've been searching for months now and no luck? Please help. Thanks.
mini teddy dolls
if i sent u a picture of the toy i have from lewis galoobs toys would you be able to tell me if there still made?
miss beasley doll
when was the first miss beasely doll introducted to the maket. What is the history of Miss Beasley?
Model airplane
When were model airplanes first mass produced?
I remember these rubber monster dolls (stuffed with foam) sold at Walmart or Toys R US in the early to mid 90s. Most of them were the size of a medium sized stuffed animal and they came twist tied to this open container. Do you know what these dolls were called?
Monster toy thats belly opens
There is a toy monster that's stomach opened after a certain amount of time, and inside was an egg or two sometimes that had miniature versions of the mom monster, they were also electrical and the parent and baby could interact, what was this toy?
monster trucks
I'm trying to get my hands on 2 monster trucks of the 80's[the flex& the animal]do you have any information on where I could get these.
Mr Maximus or Maximus
Late 70's/early 1980's
musical game toy
We bought a toy that has drum sounds, groove clips, and some outputs. It says e.groovz on the front. Is there a place(online preferebly)where I can see a book? Thanks.
musical instrument
where can I find a toy violin
Musical turtle thats head moved and played music made around 1963-1965 era.
Does anyone out there know where I could find one of these? I had one when I was born. If you could help me out with this it would be great.
Musical windup porcelain rabbit
Hello I have a windup porcelain rabbit family the dad has his eyes closed the mom is holding 2 babies and at there feet is a bunch of sleeping babies, i cant find any info on this please help...thxs wanda
Name of or mfg of space type of toy
I'm trying to find this toy I had in the 1960s. It was a battery powered vehicle (sort of like the "Chariot" on Lost in Space that was battery powered and ran on these plastic guides using a gear drive that engage geared tracks on the guides. The tracks were maybe 6 inchs long, both curved and straight, and could be snapped together to form a system. The toy was adveritsed as being able to go up and down verticle, upside down, and even in and out of water. I'l love to know as much about this toy as I can so I can find one. Thanks. John
Need a name for a Mattel Doll from 1971
I have a doll from my childhood that I cannot identify. On the back of the doll is "1971 Mattel, Inc. Mexico US Patent Pending". The doll itself has a spot on the back, just under the neck, for a D cell battery. The doll has a golden brown hair, brown eyes, and what looks like a speaker in its chest/ab area. The left hand has a button in the wrist and a hole in the palm (maybe for a bottle or a microphone?). The torso is made of very hard plastic and the rest is made of a softer plastic. Do you know what the name of this doll is?
Nerf bazzoka 1993?
Nerf made a bazzoka that you would charge by pumping a 6 inch long handle a number of times compressing a spring, a foam rocket 3 inches in diameter and approx 10 inches log,was loaded on the end, it was set upon your shoulder and fired this toy would propell the rocket 60 -80 yards, it was blue n color with orange trim any help in finding out the name or where to get one would be appreciated
Nex Rolla Ball (Jumbo 163 pc) Marble-run construction system
Where can I find the instruction manual for Nex - Jumbo Rolla Ball - 2004 -Item #200? I got this complete playset at a thrift store & would like the manual for my son to reference for ideas. I've been to the Nex official site, googled, yahooed, and have had no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
old toy fire truck
i have an old fire truck it has on it no 56 londontoy fire truck made in canada and made of diecast i was wondering how much its worth.
old wagons
I would like information on a wooden wagon with red wheels and path finder in red on the sides. It has an indian in headress between the words path and finder.
Optical Toy
In the early 1990's, I purchased a toy which consisted of a string attached to two synchronized motors. These motors were on adjustable arms which were attached to a plastic base. The base had a light source that was directed through a motorized, spinning colored disk. When the unit was turned on, the device would create a 3-dimensional geometric image that oscillated in color. Repositioning the arms would change the pattern created by the string. There was also a dial to adjust the speed of the spinning colored disk.
Parents - Animal Hospital Keys
I bought my son the Parents Animal Hospital for Christmas and he has lost the keys. Any idea where I can buy a replacement set?
pedal go cart
in the early 70s my brother received a purple road runner pedal go cart for christmas, we have been searching for it for years. we do not know the toy maker, and if i find one i would like to buy it for him. hope you can help. we also have a picture of it if that would be any help. thankyou so much. pam
PeeWee Herman Doll
What is the value of a porcelain PeeWee Herman Doll with box; mint condition.
pink rubber ball maker
Back in the early 1970's I remember a toy where you would put pink powder into a form, put that into the "toy maker" and it would make the powder into a rubber ball you could play with. Would you remember the name of that toy?
Plane - electric, connected to a tower
In either 1972 or 1973 I had a small electric plane that was connected to a control tower in the center. The plane would fly in a circle around the tower and would be controlled by levers connect to the bottom of the tower. There was a cardboard circular runway that you could land the plane on and take off from. The only thing similar I have seen is the Verti-bird helicopters. I am trying to discover the name of this toy. Any help?
Plastic bear game
I recently found a toy that has two bears standing on a log that try to knock eachother down as you move the levers on the sides. there are holes for pegs to keep score of how many times you knock your opponent over. I asssume this toy is from the 60's or early 70's. It is plastic and on the bottom has "Louis Marx" and "MOMLXX-1113" also. Would you know what the name of this toy is, and what year they were manufactured?
Plastic Block Building Set Possibily made in 1950 by Tri State Plastic Molding Co. It is set B300 with 156 pieces.
What is the approximate value?
plastic building bricks
these bricks have a symbol marking on them I can no identify. It looks like a duck. the top looks like a c for the head and a k to make the beak. Can you please tell me what toy company used this symbol? Thank you
Plastic colored tiles and pegboard
"When I was young..." Early 60's - tho they may have been my sisters' then it would be mid '50's - We had some plastic tiles that were red, yellow, green and blue and came in approximately 1" squares, and varieties of that scale in triangles, rectangles and smaller squares so that you could combine by snapping them into a pegboard and product beautiful patterns. It was a great thing to sit and enjoy over and over. I have looked on ebay several times and have never found anything about them. I saw a post here a while back but no one had replied to it and now I can't find it again. Can you help locate or at least give me a lead on finding a set of these? Even some sort of manufacturer name or year would help - all I have is the memory right now. Thank you very much for any help you can provide.
Plastic Lamb, yellow with blue bow?
I was told my grandfather worked where they made these 3 inch plastic yellow lambs with blue bow around neck and blue eyes. i have two of them. Do you know anything about them. thanks, sherry
Plastic Play Toy
I have two little plastic bottles about an inch high [Light Purple w/ pink flower and leaf; Light Green with four evenly spaced dark stripes] that had plastic figurines that went with them. I had three figures and lost all three and a bottle. One was Nala, one was Simba, and one was a tiger; they were all babies curled with posable arms and legs that curled toward the stomach in a baby like position. I want to find these little toys again but for the life of me I cannot remember what they're called nor can I find them anywhere online. By any chance, could you PLEASE help me? They were made in the 90's, I know that much. They're the custest little things and I'd love to find out what they're called and find them again. Thank you very much.
how do you find out what type of plastic different baby toys are made out of? They do not seem to be marked.
playhouse "furniture"
Who made the "Hostess Buffet" and what year was it?
Playmates Inc Life size baby doll from 1986
I have a doll that I used to play with all the time. On the back of her neck reads Playmates 1986. I remember my neighbor friend having a boy doll just like it, and I was just wondering if and how I could go about finding those dolls. She also has the numbers 3210 and M-20. The tag on her side has the name Playmates toys Inc.
Pluch Train - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
I have been looking for a plush train made by Eden Toys Inc. in the 80's. It has a music box made by Sankyo (JP. 1037152) and it plays a piece of the song Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I have found no evidence of it anywhere online. The one i own is broken and i would love to find another.
Plush Dragon
, looking for childs stuffed dragon madeof parachute material bought in 1991 at sears, has green body, yellow belly and pink spikes please help me find oe
plush duck holding sweet dreams blanket
Im looking for a stuffed plush duck holding a blanket with "sweet dreams" stitched on it. The duck is approx 8 inches in height with yellow fur and a little patch of white on the top of his head.he is very soft and fuzzy.It was purchased at a hospital gift shop in Fort Walton Beach,Flordia in 2006.Im in desperate need of one or two.
plush peeps
Where can I find the BUNDE toy company ?
Plush toy 1986?
I had this furry pink toy (maybe a bunny or dog) and you could push your finger into it's mouth/nose and it would make this wierd noise, as if it wear eating. I would love to know what it is called? Let me know if you have any idea what I am talking about! Thank you
Plush worm from 1970's
I am looking for a bright yellow plush worm from the 1970's or early 80's. He has a big round head.
Plush-Chosun- JcPenny's Cocker Spaniel
Hi, can you tell me where I can find this Chosun Cocker Spaniel sold by JcPenny's stores- I found a used ebay-but would like a new one
I had plush snoopy in the early 70's about 16"-18" long. He had denim overalls directly sewed on with denim ears, black eyes, and a black nose. Body was white. Trying to find another one or who manufactured it.
popeye & olive oyl dolls
I have a Popeye & olive oyl plastic figures in plastic bag (each one has it own bag both with clothes by dakin & co any information or dates on these would be helffull thanks Bruce
popular toys in 1963
What toys were popular in 1963?
preschool maniputive tubular snap together clowns
What are they called and where can I find them?
Pull-String Doll
Do you know where I could get a pull-string doll made in a person's likeness that says phrases that we have made up (rather than pre-determined)?
Puzzle - Wooden - 1950s-1960s
(~9" diameter)(Reading in order on the back) "Wooden Puzzle", "Educational Toy", "Made In Japan", "Trade Mark Lucky Rose" - with HK in center of a diamond shape. From the late 1950's. No later than 1962. The interlocking pieces are a garage, a house, 2 trees, gas pump and 9 cars/trucks. You can take the pieces out of the round frame play with them outside the frame then put the puzzle back together in the frame for storage. It is not just a puzzle. You can play with the pieces THEN put it back together. I don't have the original packaging but it is in nearly new condition. What is it worth? Are you interested in it? If you are not where would I find a market of vintage toy enthusiest who would appreciate a toy like this one.
Puzzle Toy Clear Orb
Hi, I am looking for a toy from the 80's that came out around the time of the Rubik's cube...It is a clear orb and you manipulate the colored beads on tracks to get them in some sort of an order. By moving the track, the beads move. Thank you so much...
We purchased an old radio flyer wooden rocking horse and are trying to find out how old it has radio flyer words on the length of the rockers, hair on the mane and hail...made with real thick pine wood, has old plasic eyes with leather bridal and leads...ant help would be appreciated..Todd.
Rag doll and Stuffed Animal
Looking for a ragdoll made my fischer price, in the late 1980's. Feet rattled, big blue eyes. And also looking for a TY stuffed bunny, made in the mid 1990's curly hair, white bunny, pink ears inside and nose. Had some beans but not a beanie baby, and POSSIBLY a pink ribbon around the neck! Thank you!
Recalled Disney purple w/pink ears colored Mickey Mouse 1969-70
Where would I look to find the value of a Disney tagged stuffed Mickey Mouse, 24" plus tall made in 1969-70 and re-called apparently due to the error in colors.
in about the 1960s i bought a toy for my children. it was a toy surrey, with a red and white fringe top and wooden benches. the kids could ride on it and make it go by peddling it. can you help me find the manufacturer on this toy? and if so, would you know of any place i could possibly buy one?
red ball with push buttons
My mom had an old toy, it was a hand held red plastic ball that had spring loaded cylindrical buttons all over it, it almost resembled the old floating land mines that you see in movies. i would love to have some information on this toy and wherer i might find another one.
Ride On - Batmobile
I have an old batman car that a toddler would ride in, I'm not sure when it was made but it was made by mattle. I had heard that Ford motor company had give them out along time ago when someone bought a car. I can not find any pictures of it any where or any information on it. I was wondering if you could help me . thanks so much
Ride On Lucky Loco Train
I have a Ride-On Train that I rode as a baby (born in 1981). I can not find any information on this train. I would like to find out the manufacturer and what year it was made. It is a dark blue plastic train with a light blue track. It is battery operated and moves forward or backwards. The only writing on the train is "Lucky Loco", "made in Hong Kong", and there is some type of symbol on it that may or may not indicate the manufacturer. The symbol appears to be possibly a "k" as a body with a smiley face wearing a top hat on top of the "k".
Ride on Toy - Egg
In the late 1970's my brother had a childs ride on toy that was yellow plastic and in the shape of an egg. I think it was called a snuggle egg. It had a seat inside the egg, a small handle bar and his feet would touch the ground. He loved it to death and rode it until the wheels fell off but we have never been able to find another since then. Would love to know any details about it.
Ride on toy - seesaw-bridge toy
In the early 1980s, my preschool had a plastic toy that was a seesaw that could be flipped over and made into a bridge. Four kids could ride on the seesaw part at once. I cannot find one of these toys anywhere. Any ideas?
Ride on toy fire engine.
for christmas 1967 i recieved a toy ride on it was black yellow and maybe some white. it was plush with casters. i have never seen another one like it and have been searching for a while now. my mother thinks it was boughten from Kmart . i would love to find one or at least find out what it was called. any ideas?
ride on toy or pedal car
im looking for a bigfoot monster truck pedal push car that i had when i was a little boy in the 80's, i want to buy one for my son.
ride on toy
I am looking for a "push me pull me" ride on toy. It is propelled by pulling and pushing the handle bars. Similar to the newer plasma cars it has no pedals and is low to the ground. It was sturdy enough for a teen to ride. I would like to have these for our church family life center. Thanks!
ride on toy
i'm looking for a batman/batcyle toddler riding toy that would have been made sometime between 1973 and 1980. I've looked everywhere for it. I can't find any information on the internet. Where can I find this or at least the name and maker so i can better search for it?
Ride On Toy
I'm looking for information about a Prestige Mini Motors Yellow Volkswagen ride on car. It's battery operated. I am interested in selling it but can't find out anything about it or any similar items. Thanks!
Ride on toy
Looking for Playskool ride on Good Humor truck (cart) or bike-1970's
ride on toy-rocking horse
i have a merrythought shire rocking horse from the 1980's and want to know how much it's worth please?
ride-on car early 1980's
Do you know the name of this toy and where I can find it?: I think it might be fisher price. It is a ride-on car that I remember from the early 1980's (made have been made prior). It had a face on the front and had a yellow seat (I'm pretty sure there was room for storage underneath). I also remember that it had a round red horn in the middle of a yellow steering wheel. Thanks!
Ride-On Toy
I'm trying to remember a ride-on toy that my son had around 1990 - Seems like it was Little Tykes, yellow with wheels - it had pedals and handles on the side that were used to steer it. It's driving me crazy trying to remember the name of this toy.
Robot toy
I had a white robot (I use that term loosely) that you stuck plastic cards into the front of. It had two rows of buttons next to the card on either side and you were able to select an answer from the card. It was very basic. The spare cards were stored in the back of him I think. Kind of boxy looking. I loved that toy. Do you know what the name is?
I remember this toy which i had when i was young but i can't think of its name or find any info about it anywhere. It was a white robot with a square light up face and a rectangle body with square bottons around the edge, each line of buttons had a different color. It came with boards and peices and you used him for some part of the game. Its been really bugging me, does anyone else remember this robot game?
Robotix Robo-dog
Hi I live in england and I have a roboe-dog by robotix but I have lost the instructions can you help me with an address to get a new set from . thank you
rocking horse
I need a sound replacement box/board for an old riding horse made by CBS Toys of Collierville, Tn. Where might I be able to purchase this?
Roller Skating Monkey
I had a roller skating monkey named Clancy made be Ideal Toy Company, it was a Christmas gift and I think it was in the mid to late 1960's, can you give me any info on it. He only would skate if you put special goins in his hat that was in the palm of his hand.
Rolling Plastic Play Horse
In the mid-70s my sister and I had this little plastic rolling horse/pony. The horse was white color with three blue polka dots on the face and a red seat which had a notch in the back so you couldn't fall off. You used your feet to roll forward. It had four black wheels. I don't know if it was Fisher Price or Mattel or some other brand. I recently saw it on a cartoon on Noggin and it brought back memories of how much we liked to play with that horse as toddlers. I'd love to get it for my child. Any ideas?
Rotating Puzzle Game
In the late 70's or perhaps early 80's, I had a game that had a four sided, rotating card holder. Each player received a puzzle card that they put on one side of the holder. As the holder rotated, the players tried to snap together orange and white triangular pieces to match their puzzle picture. The first one to complete their puzzle and match their card correctly was the winner. We cannot recall the name of this game - can you help?
Rubber Band Guns
We have a set of rubberband guns that were given to us. We were told that they were Howdy-Doody guns. ll I know is that they are black plastic with a white trigger & place to attach the rubberbands on top that twirls, On the side it says slammer 6-38 long barrel. The whole gun is about 13" long. If anyone has any information on these guns, I would appreciate it. THANKS Alot, Juanita
rubber guy/toy/doll called NEB
mid 60's white rubber guy called NEB had a big nose, about 6" tall 3" round. who made it and where can i find one. thanks
Seaver Toy Company
I recently acquired a red wooden fire truck whose original owner was born in 1929 and it was his childhood toy. It has wooden wheels, a wooden crank on one side and is stamped on the bottom "Seaver Toy Co. Burbank Calif". It is in good, played with condition. Can you offer me any information on the company and perhaps the truck's value range? Thank you!
shooting target
This is somekind of target. It is a scarecrow, red pants yelloe top. Arms outstretched and on each arm there is a spring loaded crow with target values.In the area where the heart would be is anothwer target with a 50 value. When this target is activated the scarecrow's head pops up higher. The mark on the back of the head reads "IDEAL" It is apparent that this was placed on some kind of stand or post to stabilize it. The scarecrow is 18" tall and 15" from tip of one hand to the other. Thank You.
I have a skeebogan from Hunt,Helm and Ferris, Harvard, Ill. What is it worth? Thank you for your time and expertise.
Skippy the Monkey
Want to replace a 1970's stuffed "Skippy the Monkey" toy. Any suggestions on finding one today?
small baby doll
I am looking for a tiny (6 inch?)baby doll. It has a plastic head with painted or dyed face and hair. It has a plush body designed as though the baby is wearing a one piece outfit covered in green holly leaves. We thought it was a McDonalds toy, but we could never find proof. Can you help us identify this baby doll?
small puppets with hand held lever boy girl in a one room house. The back drop changed from thier bedroom to a haunted house. Maybe 70's or 80's
Can not find the toy or even any information on it.
Snap together model motorbikes for the 80's
When i was a lad about 12 - 15 of age 1982 - 1984 I used to buy little snap togther motorbikes made from colourful flexible plastic. I think the scale was about 1/32 and came in little white boxes with a lovely picture on the box the same style as ladybird books. The cost was about 40-50 pence , I think there was about 25 to collect from Harley davisons to Hondas all popular bikes of the day. please help me find these little retro beauties. I must find out who made them. It was not Tamiya they were cheap and tacky but cool. Thanks for your time
snow toys
Where can I find Ski n Skates, early 1970's. they were plastic and strapped on over your boots.
snowplow truck with front plow and wing
Have you ever seen a diecast snowplow truck that includes the front plow and side wing. If so, maker and availability.
Soft Doll
I am looking for a doll I had during my childhood i.e. the nineties. A friend of my sister's also had quite a few of them but I don't think they were very popular because I've not known anyone else to have them. I am unsure if they only came out in England or whether they also came out in America. It's possible they were, in fact, from Japan. My doll was soft bodied and floppy with hard head, hands and feet made of plastic, with the feet being round. Her clothes were a pink long sleeved shirt that was also her torso and arms, and she had on orange tights that were also her legs with blue shorts over them which were loose but not detachable. Her shoes were blue and white. Her hands formed the thumbs up sign with her fingers tucked in and both her thumbs up. She had blonde plastic hair that could be played with and blue eyes with a closed mouth set in a smile. She had a tag and markings on the bottom of her shoes although I can't recall who the manufacturers were. For some reason, I think Hasbro but I have no idea if this is correct. She did have the image of, I believe, a girl on a swing or rollerskates imprinted on her foot as the company logo and also the manufacturers name carved into her neck. I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that; I did have her quite a long time ago. I would really like to find out what dolls these were as I lost mine and would like to try and find the brand again so I may be able to buy them again. She was my favourite doll. Would you be able to help me?
I'm looking for a toy i think from the early 90s, that was a soft toy that came in blue, purple or pink, whose ears you had to pull out to find out whether it was a bear, a cat, a dog or a rabbit. They had plastic faces that when you kissed them on the nose a star or a heart appeared, and you could rub their tummy with a plastic 'iron' that you would fill with water and a pattern would appear on their tummy. Any help would be really greatly appreciated!
Soft toy/buddy Clown-Multi-coloured towelling,red body with blue frilly collar, hat etc
I desperately want to find a similar toy which my infant son lost in Dec 2003. It was manufactured by a firm in the Netherlands. We never got over the loss of that toy. Please help. Thank you.
sound activated doll
In the early 1970's I had a doll that was sound activated with a whistle. She had desk and would write and a spring horse that she would ride when you blew the whistle. I don't remember the name of the doll or who made it, but I would like that information.
Space action figures
I remember having some action figures in the late 1980's who were from a TV cartoon show in the US, but can not remember the name of it. The action figures were small (2" approx height) and had magnets on the bottom of their feet. They came with vehicles that would slowly "transform" or open up to reveal weapons etc, at the push of a button, but as I recall they did not require batteries. The vehicles had little metal plates on them for the magnetic feet to attatch to. I also recall the figures were in little futuristic space suits. I have no idea what the name of the show was, but would love your help. Thanks!
Stair Walking Toy
In the late 60s, my wife claims to have seen a stair-walking toy. A figure (like a maharja) descends a set of stairs using only gravity (no batteries).These are not ramp walkers (like the Wilson Walkies). Any information about where to see, find or read about such a toy would be great.Thanks-RD
Stand alone card game
I am looking for the name of a dungeon, stand-alone card game from the early 80s (before 1985). It only consisted of 1 deck and did not have a board or other role playing devices. Any ideas would be helpful?
stretch armstrong
we have a original 1975 or 1976 stretch armstrong in good condition and in a box [box damaged]. please could you give me a valuation of what you think its worth. thanks
stuffed animal
Hardees restaurant put out a series of stuffed animals that was modeled after a cartoon. It was somewhere between 1979 and 1983. I remember there was a mole, I think a badger or a raccoon and a few others. I think there were 5 or 7 animals total. Do you know what they were called and the name of the cartoon they were taken from? They all had on t-shirts and the moles shirt was a light blue. Thanks, Matt
Stuffed animal
I purchased a yellow duck from food lion last year that is a stuffed animal, yellow duck with a purple cracked egg for the hat and waistline. My 1 year old loves it and won't sleep without it. I need another.. Any ideas
stuffed animal
Who made a white stuffed dog with pink/green ears & it was silky?
stuffed animal-baby lamb
I have a stuffed baby lamb from the year 1984. He has white fur, pink nose, blue bib that reads baby lamb, and also a wind up on his lower back that used to play music. Do you know the make and model of this stuffed animal?
Stuffed Animal-CAT
What is the name of the company/ cat that had a purple collar with a heart on it, came in a purple box, most of the cats had two colors [the one i have is orange and white], when you move their heads a ball makes them purr.. some what like a rattle. AND they have water balloons in their tummies.--Thanks much!
stuffed ape made by russ- plastic face ears hands feet & stomach has big mouth with teeth & red tongue smiling ?
possibly made in 70's or early 80's where can I find him ?
stuffed bear
I am looking for a Dan Dee collectors choice bear, blond, lighter paws, glasses, brown vest and hat with rope like tie around neck. Any ideas other than ebay. any help please, its a lost childs toy. Must find fast!
Stuffed Bunny Rabbit.
When my best friend was very young he was given a plush toy bunny rabbit, this would have been sometime between 1966-1971. It had pale blue fur on the back, a white tummy and bottom, a white nose and white whiskers. He sits in a similar position to the velveteen rabbit, but his ears are not as long and neither are his arms. I have been unable to find anything like on e-bay, amazon etc, so if you have any information or suggestions that would help me locate one to purchase I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Stuffed Bunny sold by Hallmark in 2006
I am trying to replace a plush,stuffed bunny that Hallmark Goldcrown stores sold for the Easter season in 2006 (purchased in Memphis in March, 06). It is very pale yellow, around 20 inches long, floppy ears lined with pale green and white horizontal stripes, pink nose, small black eyes with a green round patch around the right eye, paws filled with beans - the rest stuffed, very long skinny legs. Our grandson has loved the one we purchased beyond repair.
stuffed dog with rainbow on stomach 1980's
I have a stuffed animal that I received as a gift when I was born which was in 1985. He is in a sort of sitting position like most stuffed animals and has long floppy ears like a rabbit, but looks like a dog. He had a rainbow patch on his stomach but mine has been chewed up by animals a few times so my Mother had to replace it with a heart patch. I slept with him every single night and called him "Puppy". I always liked the feel of his ears and was constantly rubbing them. I rubbed his ears so much that he doesn't have ears left. He has glass black eyes and a oval nose. This stuffed animal means a lot to me and I would love to find another one so I could have for my daughter now who is 19 months old. Help! I am desperately trying to find another "Puppy" Thank you, Melissa
stuffed dog
i have a 1950s straw stuffed dog approx.12" high how much would he be worth?
stuffed toy
Chimpanzee made in the 50's to 60's, is reddish brown in color, hairy all over, has shoes, no banana, looks similar to Zippy the Chimp from Howdie Doody show with soft vinyl face, ears, hands, and shoes.
Taliking Jill Doll of the 1980's
Do you know where I can get replacement parts for my Talking Jill Doll
Talkback Dear Diary
I've been looking for a Tiger Electronics Talkback Dear Diary for a long time, I need h